HERZ:RASEN. The Soccer Exhibition
As a cultural supporting programme to the EURO 2008, the Technical Museum Vienna presents an interactive exhibition in the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus. The phenomenon of soccer is approached from a technical, historical, artistic, and not least sportive viewpoint. The exhibition focusses on European soccer of the last 30 years and tells a story of players and fans, of heroes and scenes, of important sites and techniques - be it on the turf, during training or in the orchestration of mass media.

Participating contemporary artists include Hellmuth Costard, Raymond Cuijpers, Matthew Davis, Alec Finley, Massimo Furlan, Douglas Gordon/ Philippe Parreno, Thomas Hamann/ Sasha Pirker, Julie Henry, Ingeborg Jansen, Doris Krueger/ Walter Pardeller, Ingeborg Luescher, Andres Lutz/ Anders Guggisberg, Hans van der Meer, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Julia Schulz, Paul M. Smith, Jules Spinatsch, Grazia Toderi, Uri Tzaig, and Roland Wirtz.

photos © ZONE Media Vienna